Bladesaver® QM

The Bladesaver® QM is a fully integrated and fully mechanical wheel loader lip system for quarry and mining applications. The system has a streamline profile for easier penetration and loading and provides 100% lip protection for reduced base lip wear. The unique design of the components help produce a flat pit floor and are quickly replaced for maximum up time.

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth bottom of lip edge for increased production and reduced tire wear
  • Unique flush style adapters with standard mechanical wear caps
  • Mechanical end caps that are easily replaced offer complete outer edge protection
  • Hammerless vertical shrouds are universal and can be stacked and rotated for extended wear life
  • Hammerless lip shrouds give full lip coverage with no gap between shroud and tooth
  • Hammerless tooth has square pocket for greater strength and also adds additional retention for lip shrouds