XSC12 Tooth System for Cable Shovels

Hensley’s XSC12 cable shovel system is designed for performance, safety and economy under the most punishing of mine conditions. The system is completely hammerless for quicker tooth changes.

Features & Benefits

  • Adapters available in WH-8, WH-10, WH-12 sizes.
  • Improved Productivity
    • Multiple tooth styles available
    • High dipper fill factor with better penetration
    • No lip modification needed
  • Better Reliability
    • Tight tooth to adapter fit
  • Safe & Easy Replacement
    • Hammerless tooth pin remains in adapter nose, target 12 to 1 ratio
    • Hammerless fastening system for adapter installation
  • Cost Savings
    • Tooth pin is reusable to reduce inventory
    • High usable wear material for extended life and less throw away