Construction Wheel Loader Buckets (up to 60 ton class)

Hensley’s wheel loader buckets are designed to operate in applications ranging from loose sand and gravel to hard rock quarries. Engineered for maximum productivity, Hensley buckets deliver productivity and performance in any application. Hensley also provides a wide variety of bucket protection products to further increase bucket wear life and productivity.

GP Wheel Loader Bucket

GP wheel loader bucket is typically used in sand and gravel applications, truck loading and material handling Configuration:

HD Wheel Loader Bucket

HD wheel loader bucket is used in applications that requires additional wear protection and greater penetration. Recommended for use in materials of low to medium abrasion, compacted soil, shot or broken limestone, or loose overburden material. Configuration:
HD Bucket

Rock Quarry Bucket

Rock quarry bucket used in applications of extreme digging, high abrasion and high impact. Configuration:
Rock Quarry Bucket Rock Quarry Bucket

Coal Bucket

Coal bucket used for digging directly from the coal seam. Configuration:
  • Straight or Modified Spade Lip
  • Weld-on Flush Mount Adapters
  • Two Leg Wrap Around Adapters
  • Bolt-on Heel Plates
  • Optional
  Loading style is for loading from stock pile. Configuration:
  • Straight or Modified Spade
  • Smooth Lip (400 Brinell)
  • Bolt-on Heel Plates
  • Weld-on Edge or Bolt-on Edges
  • Optional
    • Rock Deflectors
Coal Digging Bucket Coal Loading Bucket