Cable Shovel Dipper

Cable Shovel Dipper

Hensley offers complete dipper buckets that can be tailored to your mine’s specific operation and maintenance requirements. The rugged design is durable in all types of mining applications and extreme climates. You’ll move more material with excellent fill factors that meet or exceed OEM dippers. Hensley helps protect your investment and extend your dipper’s life cycle with customizable wear protection options.

Dipper Buckets

  • Up to 80 cubic yard capacity
  • Cast-fabricated alloy steel assemblies
  • Multiple liner package options
  • Tailored design to meet the specific mining application
  • Hensley’s hammerless G.E.T. system, lip shrouds and wing shrouds
  • Shorter lead times for complete dippers compared to other manufacturers
NOTE: Hensley dippers are not available in the following areas: Labrador, Canada; Province of Quebec, Canada; North-East Ontario, Canada; Peru, Mauritania, Inner Mongolia, China, Colombia, Minnesota & Michigan iron ore mining and Panama

Dipper Parts

Hensley supplies replacement components for our dippers as well as OEM dippers.
  • Complete lip fronts (bowl)
  • Alloy Whisler lips: WH-8, WH-10, WH-12 sizes
  • Door assemblies and related components
  • Snubbers
  • Liner kits
  • Pins and bushings
Bowl Skew View

G.E.T. (ground engaging tools) and Shrouds

Hensley dippers feature hammerless G.E.T. and mechanically attached shrouds.
  • XSC12 tooth/adapter system with multiple tooth shapes to match your digging condition
  • J-bolt lip shrouds for reliable performance and safer change-out
  • Wing shrouds (upper & lower)