Mining Excavator Attachments (80 ton class and up)

The rigors of mining applications dictate that only the strong survive. Hensley’s mining buckets are designed not only to survive but to thrive in those harsh conditions. Hensley offers two series of hydraulic excavator mining buckets. Both the HF and HP series buckets are engineered tough with the capacities you need and the performance you demand. Standard and high capacity buckets are available.

Model Designation

HF Buckets

HFS Buckets: Heavy Duty flat floor design with outside bottom wear strips, upper and lower side kick plates. Recommended for volume loading for packed ground, tough clay, loose dirt and some mixture of rock.
HFS Bucket

HP Buckets

HP mining buckets are Hensley’s time-tested series for the toughest mining applications. As with our HP construction buckets, our HP mining buckets come in different styles with the capacities and wear protection that lets you power through the harshest conditions.

HP Buckets: Heavy Duty with bottom wear plate and vertical shrouds.

Recommended for abrasive soils, compact or dense clay, loose rock and gravel.


HPS Buckets: Heavy Duty with bottom wear plate, outside bottom wear strips bottom wear protection and vertical shrouds provide bottom wear protection for abrasive materials.


HPX Buckets: Heavy Duty with bottom wear plate, outside bottom wear strips, cast corner heel shrouds and vertical shrouds

Recommended for shot rock, stratified materials, or highly abrasive applications.  
HPX Bucket   HPX Bucket with J-bolt Lip Shrouds