Mining Excavator Plate Lip

Plate Lips for Excavators (80 ton class and up)

The daily usage of your lip will expose the need to replace the lip or convert to a G.E.T. system that will get the job done. Hensley can offer you a solution to both needs with market proven, mine tested, user friendly G.E.T. systems mounted on a lip to your dimensional specifications. Hensley plate lips for excavators are designed for working in quarry and mining applications. These lips feature Hensley’s proven XS™ hammerless tooth system and J-bolt lip shrouds for quick changes.

Features and Benefits

  • For Hensley and OEM excavator buckets
  • Lip is A514 material and available in thicknesses from 3″ to 5.5″
  • Weld-on adapters with replaceable wear caps (not available on all G.E.T. sizes)
  • L-shaped integrated weld-on corner adapters with replaceable wear caps (wear caps not available on some G.E.T. sizes)
  • XS™ Hammerless tooth system for quick and safe changes
  • J-bolt lip shrouds for excellent top and bottom lip protection and quick changes