Our Company

For over 75 years Hensley Industries has been an innovator in the design and creation of ground engaging tools (G.E.T.) and attachments. If you are in the business of excavation, reclamation, mining, trenching, or any other earth-moving enterprise, chances are Hensley has product to fit your application. Innovative design and advanced metallurgy are not the only things that have made Hensley a world leader in G.E.T.. Customer service before and after the sale make Hensley’s reputation stand out even more in an ever growing sea of competitors. From humble beginnings in California in 1947 to moving to Texas in 1964, Hensley has grown dramatically. Hensley has a foundry and manufacturing facility in the U.S., a foundry in China and a global dealer network to better serve the needs of our customers in whatever market they may be.

Hensley History

1947: Company establishes in California. Castings supplied by outside foundries

1963: Hensley relocated to Dallas, Texas; continued as a sales company only

1981: Hensley acquired by the Galveston – Houston company. Simultaneously, Hensley acquired ADCO in Mansfield, Texas, a maker of specialty excavator buckets.

1998: Became ISO 9001:2015 certified at Hensley and Attachments (Currently ISO 9001:2015 Certified)

2000: Hensley is acquired by Komatsu, LTD in December

2003: KVX Norway transferred to Hensley

2004: Hensley Lingfeng commences operation in China

2007: Hensley opens new target foundry in Dallas

2009: New Dallas logistics warehouse opens in May

2009: In house heat treat commences operating in July

2012: Melting starts in new Target furnace

2017: Argon oxygen decarburization furnace complete

2019: Hensley opens new Dallas corporate headquarters office building in June

2021: Became ISO 45001:2018 certified at Hensley (Currently ISO 45001:2018 Certified)