Hensley Wear Runners are designed for high-wear areas on all your earth-moving / earth-hauling equipment, reducing down time during change-outs and to allow being positioned end to end and side to side. After initial installation of the wear runner weld-on base, change-outs are fast and easy with Hensley’s bolt-on design. For speed and ease in change-outs and extended life for all your equipment, switch to Hensley Wear Runners today.


  • Quarry

  • Mining

  • Any High-Wear Application


  • Wheel Loaders

  • Excavators

  • Cable Shovels

Hensley wear runners use a weld on base and then attach using a simple bolt and nut system.

  • Fully mechanical wear components

With using our system change out time of wear runners is minimized and allows you to keep your machine running.

  • Multiple sizes available and come in flat or tapered styles
  • Can be placed side to side or end to end for extended coverage area

The wear components are backed by Hensely’s warranty are are made to demanding specifications that ensure your wear runners will protect your bucket and keep your buckets digging



Bolt-On Wear Runners