The Bladesaver® QM is a unique design that protects the lip of your bucket from the wear and tear of quarry applications. With the typical abrasive material going in to the bucket an unprotected lip can be worn down very quickly. This not only causes an increase in cost due to replacing the lip or the full bucket but also increases your downtime reducing the operating time of your machine.


  • Quarry


  • Loaders with breakout forces from 50,000 lbs and up

  • Lip thicknesses – 2.0″, 2.5″ and 3.0″

The BSQM’s hammerless system means easier, safer, and quicker changes in the field reducing down time and adding back to the bottom line

  • Fully mechanical wear components
  • Tooth pin uses 1/4 turn lock

Unlike most lip protection the teeth, adapters, wear caps and lip shrouds all work together as a single system to protect the lip. The gap between the lip shroud and teeth is at most XXXX mm giving a much smaller area for material to rub against the lip.

  • Interlocking tooth and shroud system
  • XS tooth system

The system has a streamline profile for easier penetration and loading providing 100% lip protection for reduced base lip wear. The unique design of components help produce a flat pit floor and are quickly replaced for maximum up time.

  • Flat bottom design
  • Protects full lip
  • XS tooth system
  • Teeth stay sharp throughout tooth life
  • Teeth can be rotated to prolong life



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