Simply put, large loaders move material on a grand scale. With the enormity of those kinds of loads your lip takes incredible punishment. This punishment will eventually wear out your lip or show you your current G.E.T. system is just not working as well as it should. Whether you are replacing the lip or converting to Hensley G.E.T., our mechanical lip gives you the production and performance you need. These mechanical lips are made from A514 and feature mechanically attached adapters, Hensley’s GETpro™ tooth system and J-bolt lip shrouds. A mechanical system cuts down on your G.E.T. replacement time, no welding required.


  • For large loaders 200 ton class and larger

  • Lip is A514 material

  • 4″ lip thickness

  • Mechanically attached adapters with replaceable wear caps

  • J-bolt lip shrouds for top and bottom lip protection and quick changes

  • Mechanically attached G.E.T. means quicker changes



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