For Draglines and Hydraulic Face Shovels

The TS system is the total solution for your extreme mining applications. Featuring a hammerless design and full protection between components for increased wear life and greater material flow. All of the TS System components are specially designed to deliver maximum penetration and faster cycle times. Hensley’s high quality steel and unique designs reduce downtime while increasing productivity. Tooth change-outs are quick and maintenance free. Most importantly, TS systems are safer and easier to maintain.


  • Soft Rock

  • Hard Rock

  • Oil Sands

Machine Type: 400-800 tons

  • Hydraulic Front Shovels

  • Dragline Buckets 

  • Patented hammerless adapter pins remain in nose during changes
  • Square nose design for better tooth-adapter fit
  • Nose design is up to 15% percent stronger than the competition
  • The TS System is designed for smooth material flow
  • Multiple tooth styles for most applications
  • Tooth and adapter pins are reusable to reduce inventory

Tooth Styles:

  • Rock Chisel
  • Standard
  • Chisel
  • Short High Impact
  • Tiger
  • Twin Tiger