The XS² Mining Tooth System’s streamlined profile is designed to increase penetration and material flow ensuring you get the most from your digging attachments. Using XS systems, machine operators are properly equipped to maximize payloads and improve cycle times. With proper installation and maintenance, end users can realize improvements in both fuel consumption and costs per hour/ton. Most importantly, XS systems are safer and easier to maintain.



  • Quarry

  • Mining

  • Oil Sands


  • Wheel loaders 75 tons and up

  • Excavators 80 tons and up

The XS² uses a hammerless system making for easier, safer, and quicker change-outs in the field and reducing down time and adding back to the bottom line.

  • Fully mechanical wear components
  • Tooth pin uses 1/4 turn lock

XS² teeth are built to the highest standard helping to prevent braking teeth, losing wear caps or snapping adapters. When installed properly we have seen impressive wear times.

  • Interlocking tooth, wear cap and adapter system
  • 477 – 532 Brinell Hardness

XS teeth maximize consumption ratios without unnecessary bulk providing longer wear life, improved performance and less throw away.

  • 60% Consumable Steel
  • Stay sharp design for long life
  • Reversible design for extended wear
  • Pin is reusable 

Tooth Styles:

  • Tiger
  • Twin Tiger
  • Flare
  • Standard
  • Short Chisel
  • Chisel
  • Rock Chisel
  • Heavy Penetration

Adapters Styles:

  • 1 1/2 Half Leg
  • Flush Mount
  • Notched
  • Straddle leg
  • Cast Corner