The XSC tooth system will improve the digging and loading performance of your rope shovel machines. The streamlined profile design increases penetration and material flow to ensure you get the most from your equipment. With the XSC system machine operators are properly equipped to maximize payloads and improve cycle times. With proper installation and maintenance, end users can realize improvements in both fuel consumption and lower costs per ton. Most importantly, XSC tooth system is safer and easier to maintain.



  • Soft Rock

  • Hard Rock

  • Oil Sands


  • WH-8

  • WH-10

  • WH-12

  • TLC-6

  • Hammerless tooth pin, reusable
  • Hammerless fastening system for adapter installation
  • Semi/Full wing teeth provide protection to the adapter increasing overall system life
  • Multiple tooth styles available
  • High dipper fill factor with better penetration
  • No lip modification needed
  • Tooth pin is reusable to reduce inventory
  • High usable wear material for extended life and less throw away

Tooth Shapes:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Standard
  • Chisel
  • Short High Impact
  • Short High Abrasion
  • Rock Chisel