The Hensley stabilized adapter system is designed to fit tight to the lip reducing the
wear on the leading edge while simultaneously reducing side-to-side movement.


  • Hard Rock Mining

Machine Type

  • WH12 (Whisler 12)

  • TLC6

  • Hammerless fastening system for safer changeout in the field
  • Mechanically attached parts make replacement quick and easy
  • Cast lifting eyes simplify the handling of parts
  • New robust adapter design improves strength and wear life
  • Stabilized components keep the system tight limiting movement in operation
  • Semi/Full wing teeth provide protection to the adapter increasing overall system life
  • Front stabilizer protects leading edge of lip and reduces rebuild time
  • Symmetrical teeth design allows rotating to optimize tooth life
  • Hammerless GET allow for quick and easy changeouts
  • Stabilized components protect the lip limiting rebuild and